Sat, May 28, 2022

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Clinical Evidence in Medical Expulsion Therapy of Ureteric Stones

Urolithiasis: An Overview

Urolithiasis is the formation of stones in the urinary system including the ureters, bladder, and urethra.1,2 Urolithiasis affects about 12% of the world population at some stage in their lifetime and remains a major issue regarding health and well-being of individuals.3,4 The incidence of urolithiasis seems to peak in the 3rd and 4th decades, with prevalence increasing with age until approximately the age of 70 years.5 The condition affects more men as compared to women (10.6% vs. 7.1%). 2 In India, 12% of the population is expected to have urinary stones, and almost half of them may end up with loss of kidneys or renal damage.6 As regard the anatomical location, almost 20% of the urinary tract stones are found in the ureters, with majority (70%) being located in the lower third of the ureter.

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