Sat, May 28, 2022

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Urinary Markers in Bladder Cancer: An Insight

Bladder Cancer through a Comprehensive Lens

As per the global cancer statistics 2018, bladder cancer (BC) is the 6th most commonly occurring cancer in men and the 17th most commonly occurring cancer in women globally.1 Like many other cancers, this is also non-muscle invasive and muscle invasive; and, progresses through stages (Figure 1). At presentation, approximately 70% are non-muscle-invasive ‘NMIBC’ (stage 0, I) and 30% muscle-invasive ‘MIBC’ (stage II, III, IV).2 It is very important to note that 10–30% of patients with NMIBC progress to invasive disease. Thus, early diagnosis is very important.3 It is also seen that of the non-muscle-invasive tumors, 50-70% will recur despite conservative measures such as transurethral and intravesical therapy. Due to this natural history of recurrence, once diagnosed, bladder cancer requires lifelong surveillance.

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